Friday, 30 January 2015

American Equipage - An Elegant Online E-Shopping For Exceptional Military Surplus Store

One of my friends is very much interested in online purchase of jackets and boots. According to him, I am a good web savvy. So he asked me to suggest some practically good online shopping websites in USA. He asked for good Ebay approval scored ones with high BBB rating. But being a practical person, I just contacted some of my colleagues working in USA, who do frequent online shopping. They recommended American Equipage is the best Army Clothing Store Online. They added that American Equipage is the best online shopping for military style footwear also such as Belleville Combat Boots. American Equipage provides excellent online sales for jackets and is popular as Filson Jackets Sale Online.

So I suggested my friend to try for and let me know the feedback.
After a week, my friend returned to my office. He told me that he had tried and ordered something and received in excellent condition. 

I asked him to share his experience with me. Then he shared the following experiences with me…He has found many new products such as Surplus Bargain Bin, WW2 Uniforms, Home Items, Play Items, and Work Items available on this web cart. His daughter liked some nice models of Alpha Jackets and he had to place the order for those. According to my friend, the work process is systematic. First of all, he registered as new customer to create an account in website This will help to track order history and a speeding up the process of the checkout. He told me that he just clicked on an item which has directly taken him to Shopping Cart, where he got a small picture of the product item with brief description. He told me that he has entered 2 as quantities for Kid's BDU Coat. Next month he will be going for a camp. So he would like to buy some camping items such as Sleeping Bags, Multi Use Padded Bags etc. He was quite impressed by Combat boots of model US Reproduction WWII M43 and Ridge Lightweight Motorcycle Boots. I thought next week he may order for some Military Combat Boots and Footwear.

I also learnt that is implementing good shipping policy and do international shipping. They are expert in processing international orders. Their shipping rates depend on weight and time consumed in documentation. They ship by any method, UPS, FEDEX, USPS or DHL. Their regular shipping time is 7 to 12 days. Express shipping takes 4 to 7 days. But overnight service may be also available. Finally, I can summarize all the above in a nutshell as American Equipage is the best Military Surplus Store in the United States of America.

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